Food Packaging Box

China’s Leading Food Grade Paper Packaging Manufacturer

BGM Co., Ltd. is the leading Food grade paper packaging manufacturer and supplier of China. Our food packages are renowned all over the globe because of its high quality and unique and attractive designs. The astonishing packages provided by the Food Grade Paper Packaging supplier attract all the customers worldwide, and we never fail to fulfill all their demands. Our outstanding food packages make your food look more tempting. We are the only food packaging boxes manufacturer who produces creativity. Jadek’s talented staff is full of creative ideas and makes excellent food packages according to the food item.

The Top-rated China Food Packaging Company

We, as the top-notch Food grade paper packaging manufacturer, offer our clients customary services according to their brands at wholesale rates. There are plenty of things that make our food packages outstanding and high demand in the global market.

1. We provide custom printed food boxes according to the requirements of our clients at very reasonable wholesale prices.

2. The food packages we manufacture are durable and last for a longer time.

3. China food packaging company guarantees its customers high-quality products, that is why we manufacture food boxes that preserve the freshness of the food for a longer time. It is best if you want to deliver food to your loved ones who live far apart from you.

4. Food packaging boxes manufacturers make different sizes and shapes of packages that suit the particular food item.

5. The high-quality food boxes delivered by food grade paper packaging suppliers are incredibly hygienic. It helps in keeping the quality of the food item maintained as well.

6. The food packages we manufacture are not only aesthetically appealing, but they are also very sturdy and tear-resistant. Moreover, they are also appropriately sealed and keeps your food product fixed in a single site.

7. Jadek’s food grade paper packaging services are admired all around the world as they are an ideal choice to gift your loved ones.

8. We also manufacture such packages in which the food is clearly visible and looks impressive.

Excellent Customer Services

Jadek is fulfilling all its promises to its clients since its inauguration in 2013. Our main aim is to serve our clientele and fulfill all their requirements. We provide our clients with custom printed food boxes according to their wishes. The custom printed food boxes we manufacture are incredibly unique and very eye-catching. We are also cautious about the hygiene, and for that reason as well, we have a separate staff, in which we perform testing and quality-check of all the products. We deliver you perfection by all our hard work and efforts and are admired for all our services. Our research and development department also takes care of all our queries, and our customer care department works 24 hours to provide you with all your required answers. We work with all the dedication to satisfying our clients globally. We offer our clients amazing promotional packages and sales on special occasions to makes them our forever marketers.